Model Bridges for the Garden Railway

Photo 3 Grockle Creek Pony Truss copy
Plate Girder  ELM TREE RED3


2018-905 Through Arched Girder 1000mm Double Gauge 1 (KP) Complete
2018-907 8 x Pony Truss Girder Bridges 500mm (RS) Complete
2018-908 Inverted 'Deck' Bowstring 1000mm (IDB100) (JW) Complete
2018-909 Through Arched Girder Bridge 1250mm double track (RS) Complete
2018-910 Under Arched Girder Bridge 1800mm double track (SF) Complete
2018-911 Under Arched Girder Bridge 1250mm (GS) Complete
2018-911B Bowstring Girder 1000mm (GS) Complete
2018-912 Pony Arched Girder Turn Bridge 1800mm (MW) Complete
2018-913 Through Plate Girder Turntable 500mm (ML) Powder Coaters
2018-915 2 x Bowstring Girder Bridge 1250mm (JB) Under Construction
2018-916 Deck Plate Girder Bridge Double 45mm 5 foot (NC) Ordered
2018-920 Through Plate Girder Bridge 1000mm (RS) Ordered: Please contact us
2018-921 Through Plate Girder Turntable 600mm (LD) Reserved: Please contact us
2018-922 Under Arched Girder 1250mm (SV) Ordered: Please contact us
2018-923 Deck Plate Girder 1250mm (SM) Reserved: Please contact us
2018-925 2 x Under Beam Girder Bridges 500mm (MD) Reserved
2019-1001 Inverted Deck Bowstring Girder Bridge 1200mm w/ parapets(JN) Ordered
2019-1002 Through Arched Girder Bridge 1250mm (AB) Reserved
2019-1003 Deck Plate Girder Bridge 1250mm (DPG125) (RM) Ordered
2019-1004 Deck Truss Girder x 2 (PD) Ordered
2019-1006 Under Arched Girder Bridge (UAG150) 1500mm (RR) Reserved
2019-1007 2 X Bowstring Girder Bridge 1500mm (BS150) (SP) Ordered

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