Model Bridges for the Garden Railway

Photo 3 Grockle Creek Pony Truss copy
Plate Girder  ELM TREE RED3

Check Current Order Status

When ordering your bridge you will be advised of the expected delivery time.

To place an order or to submit questions please use the Order Form link below or complete one of the Contact / Order Forms which can be found on most of the bridge pages.

Those who have placed orders can follow their progress in the table below which is regularly updated.

Please note that it is occasionally necessary to group individual orders for similar bridges. This enables us to complete certain construction processes more quickly hence bringing overall delivery times forward. Some orders may therefore appear to be completed out of sequence. Be assured that this is intended to enable all bridges to be completed sooner than they would be if attended to purely in sequence.

2017-801 Under Arched Girder Bridge 1000mm (UAG100) (DL) Complete
2017-802 5 inch gauge 'false' Bowstring Bridge 6' (JD) Complete
2017-803 Through Arched Truss Bridge 1855mm Double Track (KN) Complete
2017-804 Under Beam Bridge 1000mm (UB100) (FS) Complete
2017-805 Banwy Bridge 1000mm (TP) Complete Complete
2017-806 Under Beam Timber deck Girder Bridge prototype Complete
2017-807 Under Arched Girder Bridge 1000mm (UAG100) (SP) Complete
2017-808 Bowstring Girder Bridge 1000mm (BS100) Complete
2017-809 Pony Arched Girder Bridge 1000mm (PAG100) Complete
2017-811 Under Beam Bridge 1250mm double track (CB) Reserved
2017-812 Through Lattice Girder Bridge 1000mm (PT) Complete
2017-813 Through Truss Girder Multispan Bridge (AM) Complete
2017-814 Through Truss Girder Bridge 875mm double track (MC) Complete
2017-815 Bowstring Girder 1000mm with pivot (CH) Complete
2017-816 Under Arched Girder Bridge 1250mm (BR) Complete
2017-817 Turntable 620mm (PW) Complete
2017-818 Under Beam Deck 580mm (PL) Complete
2017-819 Pony Arched Girder 2500mm (PAn) Complete
2017-820 Through Lattice (resin) Bridge 1060mm (ML) sides only Under Construction
2017-821 Tan-y-bwlch painted sides (TH) Under Construction (Painting in progress)
2017-823 3 x Banwy Bridges Total length 4040mm (PA) Under Construction
2017-824 Through Lattice Girder Bridge 750mm (GC) Complete
2017-825 US Deck Truss Multi-span Project (MZ) Complete
2017-826 Bowstring Girder Bridge 1250mm (BS125) (DH) Ordered
2017-827 US Multispan Project 6m Bridges (MZ) Complete
2017-828 Banwy Bridge 750mm (JB) Ordered
2017-829 2 X Through Arched Girder Bridges 1000mm (RS) Ordered
2017-830 2 X Under Beam Bridges 500mm (RS) Ordered
2016-721 Bowstring Girder 'Banavie Swing Bridge' prototype (AM) Ordered
2017-833 Inverted 'Deck' Bowstring 1000mm (SJ) Ordered
2017-834 Pony Arched Girder Bridge 1040mm 32mm (DF) Ordered
2017-835 Inverted 'Deck' Bowstring 1250mm (SJ) Ordered
2017-836 Deck Plate Girder 500mm (JR) Ordered
2017-837a Under Arched Girder 1000mm (UAG100) (JH) Ordered
2017-837b Pony Arched Girder 1700mm (JH) Ordered
2017-838 Pony Truss Girder Bridge 1250mm (PTG125) (SB) Ordered
2017-839 Under Arched Girder Bridges 750mm (UAG75) (DMcC) Ordered
2017-840 Pony Arched Girder Bridge 750mm Double Gauge 0 (MP) Ordered
2017-841 Pony Truss Girder Bridge 750mm (PTG75) (MB) Ordered
2018-901 Through Arched Girder Truss Bridge 1830mm (RN) Reserved

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