Model Bridges for the Garden Railway

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The Deck Panel Bridge is a further development of our deck plate girder design and an attempt to add a little decoration to the plain girder construction. It would only be in the initial flush of enthusiasm and investment that the railway directors would be extravagant enough to include something like this in their plans. Although a through panel bridge of this design may also be available with the patterned panel above the deck we feel the Deck Panel Bridge is more interesting as it allows the addition of the parapet rails either side of the track deck. The basic bridge is supplied without parapets.
This bridge is distinctly freelance in design is not a representation of a particular bridge either full size or miniature. However, the model is highly suited for the outdoor line in a range of gauges and scales, SM32, 0 Gauge, Gauge 1, G Scale and possibly larger. The structure is certainly capable of taking a substantial load and the width can be varied to suit most garden railways.


The side panels are constructed of perforated aluminium in an anodised brushed gold finish. They are held in a sturdy frame of T section aluminium.

A range of aluminium cross sections are used with joints connected by 2.5mm stainless steel bolts and aluminium blind rivets.

  • Side panels: 1mm plate
  • Top & Bottom Girder Beams: 25mm x 25mm 'T' section
  • External Stiffeners: 9mm x 9mm channel
  • Internal Stiffeners: 9mm x 9mm angle and channel
  • Cross Beams: 16mm x 16mm channel
  • Longitudinal Track Supports: 25mm x 3mm bar
    • Dimensions
      Due to the arrangement of the panel pattern bridge
      lengths are only available in standard sizes of 490mm, 740mm
      and 990mm.

      Parapet rails supplied for all bridges at £40.00


      • Length: 490mm
      • Deck width: tba
      • Panel height: 80mm
      • Overall deck height: 86mm
        • PRICE: £121.00 plus p&p 


          • Length: 740mm
          • Deck width: tba
          • Panel height: 80mm
          • Overall height: 86mm
            • PRICE: £185.00 plus p&p

              • Length: 990mm
              • Deck width: tba
              • Panel height: 80mm
              • Overall height: 86mm

                  PRICE: £249.00 plus p&p

                  The bridge is individually made by hand. It is supplied in its bare metal state and can be left to weather naturally or you can prime and paint it. Note we don't supply it highly polished! It bears minor scratches and scuffs from the process of construction which certainly do not detract from the appearance of the bridge. We do endeavour to ensure the side panels are unmarked.
                  Longitudinal plates are placed at a suitable distance to support 32mm and 45mm gauge track. The bridge does not include any decking but you could easily add your own wooden planking or a zinc diamond pattern grid.

                  As it is a deck bridge it is intended to fit between the uprights at each side of the gap to be spanned. It is therefore important to construct the gap to fit the bridge or vice versa. Narrow ledges on the pillars are sufficient to support the bridge however we usually extend the track plates enough to give further support on the top of the pillars.
                  The bridge is supplied fully constructed as shown in the photos. Obviously the rolling stock and track are shown for scale purposes only and are not included.
                  The width can be varied to suit the smaller Mamod size rolling stock or increased to provide a double track at 35% extra cost.


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