Model Bridges for the Garden Railway

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Why 'MVL Bridges'?

MVL Bridges is the trading name under which I construct and sell model aluminium girder bridges for garden railways. My full name is Michael Vincent Leckenby; hence the initials.

Why should I choose 'MVL Bridges'?

As far as I am aware I am the only supplier in the UK of a range of aluminium girder bridges individually constructed from different sections; T section, channel, angle and box sections. There are other companies who supply girder bridges for garden railways. Some products tend to be constructed entirely of angle sectons whilst others are pressed and folded from flat sheet.
In terms of price MVL Bridges provide excellent value for money.

How will my bridge be delivered?

In all but a few cases bridges are delivered by courier, usually UPS booked through Once a bridge is complete, arrangements are made with the customer for the most convenient delivery day. Bridges are collected from me one day and delivered the following day. Customers are more than welcome to come to the workshop to collect bridges in person. In certain circumstances arrangements can be made for a mid way handover or even direct delivery.
A standard charge of £10.50 is made for carriage and packing within the UK. Insurance is offered as an option for an additional £5
Deliveries outside the UK are charged according to the actual cost arranged with the carrier and agreed with the customer.
Customers should bear in mind that the most expensive aspect of any parcel is its length. Most carriers will handle parcels up to 1.5m. Above this there are less carriers who generally charge significantly higher costs.

What if the bridge I want is not a standard size or design?

The majority of bridges I produce are non-standard lengths. If you let me know exactly what length and width you require I can adapt most of my designs to meet your needs. Prices in terms of bridge lengths are proportional to the standard szes and in most cases do not incur additional costs. Greater widths may add minimal costs to the price. Bridges for double tracks are standard single track bridge prices plus 35%.
I am happy to discuss bridge designs and structures not in my standard list.

What is the longest single span available or possible?

The longest single span I have produced was a Deck Truss Girder Bridge almost 3 metres in length. i have produced longer bridges consisting of three spans joined together and three separate spans between intermediate supporting pillars. These have been Under Arched and Bowstring designs.
With regard to the longest single span it is best to consider what the longest full size span could realistically be in the scale/gauge you operate. The simplest answer is that if you need to span a crossing of 2 metres or more please contact me to discuss possible options.

How will my bridge be packed?

Model girder bridges are built to withstand the stresses and tensions of a bridge rather than the kind of stresses and knocks possible in a full size transit van. For that reason I take most seriously the preparation of each bridge for transport. It is a time consuming exercise and can be expensive. I use a combination of new and recycled materials for packing.

Your bridges are unpainted. Do I need to paint my bridge?

What if my bridge is damaged when it arrives?

If a bridge has suffered damage when it arrives I will discuss the possibility of forwarding replacement parts to the customer. If the customer is unable or unwilling to carry out such a repair arrangements will be made for the bridge to be returned to MVL Bridges and either a replacement bridge will be supplied or the original repaired and returned. All costs will be the responsibility of MVL Bridges.
Where the optional insurance for delivery has been taken out steps will be taken to make an appropriate claim.

What if my bridge is not as I ordered or does not meet my expectations?

In all such cases I will offer a replacement bridge to the correct specifications or a full refund of the price paid for the bridge.

How do I attach my track to the bridge?

All MVL Bridges have 16mm x 16mm cross beams supporting two track plates. The track plates are 25mm x 3mm flat aluminium bars rivetted to the cross beams at the gauge of the track (32mm, 45mm, etc.).
Track is laid with sleepers spanning between the track plates. A 3mm (or 1/8th inch) spacer of wood, plastic or aluminium should be used under the sleepers which coincide with cross beams and a small bolt or screw passed through to fix the sleeper. It is up to the operator to decide how many fixing points are required.

Are the bridges guaranteed in any way?

MVL Bridges are designed and constructed to withstand normal usage within the field of model garden railways now and in the future. They are not intended for any form of ride-on railway and are not expected to carry a person's weight. They are also constructed in a manner and with such material that they should withstand normal weather conditions in the UK for a significant number of years whilst left in the open on a permanent basis. Where a bridge is regularly handled for storage indoors or to provide access to parts of the garden this may hasten weaknesses in the bridge.
That said, as long as I continue to trade as MVL Bridges I will offer repairs and replacements free of charge where these are the result of weaknesses or deficiencies in construction or materials; and at cost where these are the result of general wear and tear or accidental or inappropriate handling of a bridge.

I need to be able to move my bridge for access. Is this ok?

All MVL Bridges are rigid structures. Most can be lifted easily to allow access or to be stored indoors for security. As long as you can provide stable and level supports for each end and perhaps some arrangement to ensure the bridge aligns the track laterally it is perfectly feasible to lift bridges regularly provided they are handled carefully.
We occasionally supply bridges with simple pivots at one end to allow the bridge to swing upwards at one end. The style of pivot depends on the design of the bridge. Some bridges are not suitable for pivots.

When do I pay for my bridge and how?

I do not require any payment for bridges ordered until the bridge is ready for delivery. Some customers prefer to provide a deposit or pay in full in advance. This is not required. Payment is only required immediately before dispatch.
I can accept payment by cheque, via Paypal, or by direct bank transfer. Cash will be accepted where a bridge is collected or handed over in person.

Do you take orders from outside of the UK?

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