Model Bridges for the Garden Railway

Photo 3 Grockle Creek Pony Truss copy
Plate Girder  ELM TREE RED3

Special Projects

Many of the bridges constructed by MVL Bridges are built to the customers' specific requirements. They are often adaptations of our standard designs. The results are unique models which undoubtedly enhance the appearance of the garden railway.
On this page you can see some of these one-off creations for yourself. They may inspire you to finally provide your railway with a quality crossing reflecting the aspirations you have for your line. If you want to know more about any of the models below or to discuss your own project just give us a call or send an email

Arched Girder Bridge

An Arched Girder Bridge 1000mm designed for Standard 0 Gauge and our first fully 'through' bridge

Under Arched Girder

One of our early models this 1 metre bridge has a deeper section than our standard models

arched girder 2
arched girder 1

Pony Truss 6' 3"

A single span of 1900mm was required without a central support without resorting to a US style through truss bridge

Pony Truss 1905 b
Pony Truss 1905

Multi-gauge Double Track Bowstring

Not wishing to have an unnecessarily wide bridge this bridge was constructed for the Elmtree Line to take 32mm & 45mm tracks with sleepers overlapping.

Under Plate Girder Turntable structure

We recently produced a bespoke Plate Girder structure for a customer who is adapting it into a turntable. The progress is impressive. 

Bowstring 1500mm Mixed gauge 3

Triple Bowstring

Bowstring 1500mm Mixed gauge 3
romney h and D turntable Lissart farm vehicles 080
romney h and D turntable Lissart farm vehicles 084

Initially ordered as two separate 650mm bridges the customer subsequently revised his requirements resulting in the need for a longer span. Since the two bridges had already been constructed it was decided to add a further bowstring. The whole structure is joined by substantial side plates at the junctions. The track plates run the full length of the bridge which now measures 1950mm.

dscf1222 (Modified)
dscf1219 (Modified)

Deck Truss Girder Bridge 1015mm

Our first production model of the Deck Truss Girder is a bespoke bridge to be located as a crossing for a garden path. Keeping the bridge height down was a main requirement hence no parapet rail has been added. Due to the track lead up to the bridge it was also necessary to offset the track on the bridge. The model is shown here prior to delivery supported by Cain Howley Structures pillars.

Deck Truss Girder 1015mm 6s
Deck Truss Girder 1015mm 10s

Pony Truss Girder Bridge 550mm

dscf1339 (Modified)

A small version of the Pony Truss Bridge. Normally we would construct this with just four panels providing a simple zig-zag pattern of girders. However to add a little more interest we made the bridge in five panels with crossed girders in the centre panel.

This pattern of girders is similar to the new Aber Glaslyn Bridge on the Welsh Highland Railway although the scale is quite different.

Crossed girders are no doubt a feature to be included in some bridges but the time required to produce them would not make it an economic proposition for our longer girder bridges.

dscf1338 (Modified)
dscf1340 (Modified)

Lifting Under Beam Girder Bridge - on a curve!

The Peacemarsh & Colesbrook Light Railway incorporates a tightly curved loop of raised track. The requirement was for a short 500mm bridge to replace one wooden segment of the loop. However to make life interesting, the bridge had to be hinged at one end to enable access to the centre of the loop. It was also essential for the bridge to be set at 15 degrees to the adjacent section.

An Under Beam Bridge was constructed. At one end short T secton extensions were attached below the deck at the required angle.
With a little careful trimming to the timber track bed the railway owner, Steve Jackon, achieved a successful result as can be seen in the before and after photos here.

Jackson lifting bridge 1
Jackson lifting bridge 2

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